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Mental Health First Aid (Wales) Training

Qualify as a Mental Health First Aider
Two-day course

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a Government Initiative designed to improve workplace mental 

health and wellbeing. It was launched in 2000 by Betty Kitchener and Anthony Jorm as a way to improve mental health literacy in Australia. It teaches basic ‘first aid’ for mental health, enabling people to recognise signs of mental health distress, similar to how people are taught first aid for physical issues. Its aim is to reduce stigma, increase understanding and our responses to mental health. 

MHFA are accredited courses that have been designed for anyone to undertake. It is designed to teach people from all walks of life not only how to manage their own mental health but also to support others in life and in times of crisis. 

Why Invest in MHFA Training? 

A healthy workforce makes a more productive workforce and having individuals within your organisation who are able to support employee wellbeing needs is a huge asset for encouraging less absenteeism and presenteeism and promoting wellbeing across the company ensuring your employees are happy and healthy. 

Furthermore, Mental ill Health costs businesses in the UK more than £34.9 billion a year, the equivalent of £1,300 per employee. By providing employees with resources and support for mental health, employers will be able to save up to 30% of these costs. MHFA can help with this, by providing employees with the support they need for their mental health.

MHFA (Wales) training course

The two-day accredited MHFA course enables delegates to: 

  • Have an in-depth understanding of mental health and factors that affect wellbeing.

  • Have the knowledge and skills to support employees with their mental health and recognise signs that a colleague is struggling.

  • Have the confidence to aid a colleague in distress.

  • Have enhanced interpersonal skills, for example non-judgemental listening and communication skills.

  • Have the knowledge of where to signpost people struggling with mental health, whether directing them to an employer, mental health facilities or self-help resources.

Course Delivery

Courses are delivered in a variety of ways that include presentations and group discussions and are delivered using a MHFA action plan. 

Our courses can be held at your place of work or at my clinic in Chepstow. The cost of the course is £220 per delegate, for a maximum of 16 delegates. This price includes the two-day intensive course and all course resources needed to complete the training. The course accredits each delegate with a Mental Health First Aider qualification accredited by MHFA. 

NEW!! - We are now offering a half-day refresher course for current Mental Health First Aiders who wish to gain 

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